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Get a new LJ Layout. Maybe like a desktop or something...
2012/26/02 Lovely lucky find.

Write my reviews/thoughts on all the movies I've watched.

Finish that crappy Hanazakari no Kimitachi e - Ikemen Paradise 2011

Go through each comm and journal and down load all the files I lost when my first Harddrive broke.

Also make a list of all the subs eveyone has....maybe submit it to the LJ sub index.

I'm doing what I can with what I have.

Finish making custom icons for each group.

Kidnap Junno

Punch Jin and steal his glasses & hat

Put Ryo's car ontop of the Johnny's building.
2012/26/02 After reading about his new drama. I have have choosen not to do sch thing. He's also just gained more good points with me.

Keep up with all new relases
2012/26/02 Giving up. If I find something I like I'll watch it.

Watch some new dramas and movies
2012/26/02 go 1 so far.
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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to all that are still lerking around or who comes and goes.

It's been a year. I've sadly had to leave most fandom, but I have kept up with all the events that have happened for the most part. Johnny's has has a trying year for sure. BUT we got PRINCE&KING. Yes I totally approve of them. Anyway I still keep up with Junno if anyone wonders, but like I said I have been busy.

Miles is 5 already and as of 26th of this month (December) is a big brother. Yep almost had a XMAS baby. And I got remarried to ELi! Life has been good.

Anyway going to go watch the countdown.


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Well that was easy - Taguchi

Yes even in my busy life I to saw Junni's website (or lack there of) go up. I took a little time to look at sone comments, fanbiards etc...and came to see no one had a damn answer on who ge was with. Now most of you reading this I can safely say we know JE and the pull they have so it was highly unlikley a big company. The fact that his site didnt have a company anywhere help inforce this idea of him going independent. So i took a extra five minutes and looked up who host or owbed the site. I used 3 of these websites to look up this info.I got 99% the same stuff but just this little bit was enough info:

Sponsoring Registrar IANA ID: 49
Whois Server:
Referral URL:
Name Server: NF3.DBECS.COM
Name Server: NS6.DBECS.COM
Status: ok
Updated Date: 22-aug-2016
Creation Date: 02-may-2016
Expiration Date: 02-may-2017

That's right making it even more of a fact he's on his own, using friends and business pals to help. Oh and see the creation date. Thats why im a bit disapointed in the website.

Btw good on him for getting his fan club running.

Anyway as the haters and fools fight over him starting his solo project and "lying" i look foward to seeing what junno's FU to JE will be. They do deserve it, but then again they're busy trying to patch the SMAP hole in the ship....but you know...sometimes it might be better for the ship to sink....i hate to say but its kibd of true. Well im sure we still have 4 mire years. Arashi has to do the 2020 games. Ha
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I miss my fandom life

I miss my fandom life. I was happy in my bubble. Real life has it's ups. Well one. My Little Man. Can't believe Miles will be 3 soon. He's the light of my life and everything great. I might not get that great blessing of having a conversation with him as he's still not talking and might not fully talk or understand or whatever. We'll see if anyone ever looks at him and not just slaps a half thought out lable on him. But other than that it seems like everything in my life is the same stuck in a hell cycle. Eli up and down. Job up and down. Mom....well she left state for half a year so that's an up. My social got a bit better with a few co workers hanging out outside of work....and pokemon....but yeah. Nothing. I get to peek once in a blue moon at the Johnny's but not long enough to get in there deep. Youtube and gaming videos and wrestling are the only things keeping me from going crazy. ...I miss chating with all my pals on here. Some have moved on. Some I still see here. Some still have nice updated photos of Junno up. (I see he's still not fully not awkward about taking pics yet.) SO if you guys see this post. Hello and I miss you and did not forget. Well I better go get my sleep. 5:30am wake ups still suck.
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Just a quick post. I am alive. With work and an about to be 2 year old (Yes, it's already been 2 years!) and then Eli...I'm busy busy busy. But I do pop on and watch videos or read news and what not. I miss LJ, but it dose seem like mine and other's worries that too many bossy bitches ran off many in the fandoms, on top of life. Oh well. I hope to get some more time on day to really post. I'll at less get a pic of the little man up for you.

Later everyone.
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A quick Johnny's talk.

Well what do you know. I ended up right again. I'm not trying to sound smug, I'm just as shocked that I ended up right about the subject around debuts. I know I've talked to a few of you about this before and we all seemed to agree that Johnny didn't have much choice left when it came to debuts. Hell they scrapped the bottom (sorry for making to sound bad, but I still feel it was more of a desperate move) and put out Sexy Zone. Now today I get up and I read about a move that I had told you would come. He and the company couldn't avoid them anymore. Kansai Jrs will be debuting! Not only that, but it's exactly who we thought would be... Kiriyama Akito, Nakama Junta, Shigeoka Daiki, Kotaki Nozomu as Johnny's West 4. Well Kotaki was a small shock as he was in my second list, but still.

Anyway this leads to something we who have touched on this subject need to point out again. What is the company doing for the future? Yes they have a good handful of Jrs, who are popular and have names for themselves, but they aren't young anymore. I'm really talking about the young ones. What is the comapany's plan to get them out there. After that wreakless hiring of all those Jrs you can't be sure. Plus all the rumored power struggle, and other junk. The question has to be asked, has the end of JOhnny's started, or at less a large downhill slide? What if Johnny's started focusing on the other paths instead of just singing & acting? ABCZ seems to be steady though you don't hear a crazy amount about them. They do seem happy though since that's the path they choose and they knew it was going to be less crazy fandom.

Anyway, I hope everyone has a great new years.
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It's a BOY!

Yep, having a boy. Really happy. He was very active and even was being a bit of a smartass to the tech. He waved at us too. lol
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Random Hi

Hello. I'm alive. A lot of stuff going on at work and in life. I'll make a update post one day. lol

I just came in to say, I was having a "I need some of my childhood back" moments, and looked up The Backstreet Boys. I was rocking out to old songs, enjoying the new ones that have come out since I faded away from the fandom and group and it hit me. Everyday I would dance (yes dance) to atless 1 of their concert videos everyday. Not only that, but I would memorize the way each guy danced and every little moment they made and changes and what not, and I would dance to 1 guys style the whole video through and then after doing each guy I would have like a just dance whatever day. Now I not only did this for BSB but I had to be fair and do NSYNC too. And sometimes I wouldn't just do one concert video. I'd do all of BSB one day and all NSYNC after or the next day. Plus whenever they were one tv performing I'd dance along after watch (and recording).

So what's this all about?

Yeah I played outside, I hate unhealthy as hell, but doing that most likely kept my ass in shape. And I was thinking if I even tried to do that for all the Johnny's groups (since you know I like them all....almost) I'd die. If not from a heart attack, then I'd pull something or fall into something like a fool when the Wii came out. LOL

Yeah, I just wanted to say that. I've got to go back off into the Real World Sadly.
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Hi everyone.
I'm working my ass off. I got really sick. I got to see my husband on our anni, but we're fighting still. I got him xmas gifts and gave them to him and he loves them to death. I can't really say what i got because they may be illegal...ANyway. I'm just starting to get well again so yeah. It helps the place I eat at everyday has a great owner. She's Korean and takes very good care of me. I never have really told her about my fandom, but she's slowly figured out (My phone rang and I made custom ring tones of my fav groups) I listen to K/J POP. Well that I while everyone else was asking her about PSY I was so over the GS already. Anyway....I hope my xmas cards are making it to everyone who wrote me back. I love you all even those who didn't. And I hope you're all well and stay strong.