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How I Found Johnny's and KAT-TUN 
19th-Jul-2011 03:45 am
Not A Hyphen
Yep, I wrote this whole thing out and added some pics and video links. So know when ever someone askes I can just post this. I know lazt right? Oh and I have no idea why I wrote it like I did. Oh well enjoy.

Once apon a time there was a girl who never had a bed time and went to bed where she felt. She would say up and watch tv or be on the computer chatting about about how she was kind of worried about AJ (of The Backstreet Boys and her fav) or How it seems like the 'NSYNC fans who loved Crack Humor were becoming more and more right things and it was creepy. This random night was a bit slow, so she had the tv anyway. The girl was flipping chanles and on the...I guess you'd call them cable access chanles (They played a lot of random crap) some Asian Guys caught were singing. She really thought they were good, but it wasn't until one song start and that had such a magic sound that she was pulled into a happy world. Also one of the background dancers looked like he was putting everything into the dancing and she felt her heart beat for a single second. After the performance she smiled and turned off the tv and called it a night. She thoguht about how the song was great and she hoped she could catch the show again. Maybe the next night or that time next week. She also hoped she could see the background dancer. Sure he wouldn't become anything (background dancers never do), but still he was cute. Sadly, the show never played again. She stayed up late for 3 whole weeks hoping to catch the show again.

A few years later that girl was flipping some chanles and came across a anime called Gokusen. She watched all the episodes, but it was very clear a episode was skipped, so she popped onto the computer and typed in the name. Instead of infomation about the anime coming up first, she got info about the live action drama of the show. It was interesting and she skanned over it, but it wasn't until she saw that V6 had song the theme that she peaked up.

She had knowen V6 for sometime...well really just the name. These were the guys that did Inuyaha's theme songs "Change the World" and "Darling." Also V6's "Change the World" Music Video was the only Japanese Video The Disney Chanle played when they did a small block of Tween/Teen music videos from around the world.

So after finishing with finding the lost episode of the anime, she went back to find out more about the drama. When she did, she found out that they had started a second season. She was happy, but she needed to understand what they were saying. Lucky there were streaming sites with English Subtiles. She stayed up and watched the whole first season in like 3 days or something. At the time she also found herself following the links back to an old friend...Ok not friend, a place that was pathdic and sucked hard core. Live Journal. The place where the wannbe poets posted, the little bitch who got upset over everything blogged, or where the people who thought they were to cool to write fan fiction posted their "real fiction." Yes, she knew this place very well, but it had changed and she liked what she saw.

One thing she really liked was the info about the 2 seasons. The fact guy who played Shin and the guys who are the stars of the second season are singers in a boy bands from the same company as V6. Hay, V6 made it on to American TV, so these guy might have talent also. Right?

Season 2 had ended and with nothing left she decided for whatever reason, that she liked the first season theme more and would like to see V6 perform. So she put in "Feel Your Breeze Live" into the Yahoo search and clicked the first video. But it wasn't V6 singing, it was some little group called KAT-TUN. "Wait aren't those two guy from this group..Yeah that's them. Cool. ... ... ...Wait. I think I know that taller one, but from where. ... Oh well. That one speaking looks and acts like Daniel (Her best friend she's knowen since grade K). Funny." After watching the preformance, she made herself decided to look up this KAT-TUN on YouTube. She watch many video, but it was the third or forth video on the seond page that almost caused her to die. THIS WAS IT! The reason why the tall boy in KAT-TUN stood out in her mind so much. This video was of that performance that had left an impactful mark on her long ago and he was the cute background dance that she never thought would be anything more than that. Quickly she went to Live Journal and found a KAT-TUN Community that felt like home: kattunlove. She quickly fell more in love with KAT-TUN and forgot about that other group, that the guy "Shin" was from,V6 and Kinki, though with them being Kinki's background dancer it was a bit hard to forget about them.

Though she never joined LJ since their was no point at the time, she enjoyed reading the fiction and looking at the pictures. It reminded her of the old days of fangirling over the BSB and NSYNC, plus with the hardships in here personal life, they just made things better. But it also seemed at like something was missing. That went away the day that a lovely crack video was made. From that moment on, she fandom life kicked into high gear, plus the guys of KAT-TUN had debuted and their was much fandom to go around.

As time went by she slowly learns about the other groups. She loves Arashi just the same as she dose KAT-TUN. She feels love for all the older groups and sad for the younger one. She watches the fandom follow the odd path that she had walked with here boy bands, yet enjoys the slight differances. She loves having people tell her how things are, when really they aren't and the fact many fans forget that JE is a buissness, the music is a buissness. But in the end she loves the Rainbow, Shiny out fits, Glitter, Crack, and Most of all her Tall Handsum Background Dancer.
So to review:

Say a Japanese TV Show on TV and though I liked the songs. I liked the last song most though and the background dance who was working hard. The show I had watched was a X-mas SP of Pop Jam from 2001.12.22. The Song she loved was "Boku no Senaka ni wa Hane ga Aru (ボクの背中には羽根がある)" by Kinki Kids and the background dancer she fell for was Taguchi Junnosuke of KAT-TUN (of then of course). Link to the performance" Thanks to lierbur for helping me find this.

I knew of V6 thanks to their popluar for doing the Inuyasha themes. And Also V6's music video "Change the World." playing on The Disney Chanle.

I feel in love with the anime of
Gokusen, but a epsiode was missing on tv. Thanks to that I came to find out V6 did the theme song to season 1 "Feel Your Breeze" or the Music Video is you like and that the was a live verson of the anime. The frist seaons had Matsumoto Jun from Arashi) playing Shin. In the second and currently play then season Kamenashi Kazuya and Akanashi Jin (now former member) from were from KAT-TUN.

After the second season ended I wanted to look up V6 performing "Feel Your Breeze", but got
KAT-TUN Performing instead and somehow knew I knew them from somewhere.

I looked up more video on youtube and found a clip of the "Boku no Senaka ni wa Hane ga Aru" part of the performance which I had fallen in love with. And it goes on from there.

Oh and the lovley crack videos I was talking about.
From frozen_rii and ilaila645
Part 1: Threesome, Lice, and Puppies
Part 2: Yamapi's Cellphone Fetish
Part 3: Cigars, Tokes, and Wankstas
Part 4: Koki Said Knock You Out
Part 5: The Wrench That Stole Kame's Leg

and check out Highlights are a Boy's Best Friend too.

Oh and I still LOVE my background dance!♥

Love this pic. All his imperfections at their best.
19th-Jul-2011 04:39 pm (UTC)
It is happy to read your story on how you got into this fandom & how you see JunnO. I will look at the link that you provided. ^^
12th-Aug-2011 12:46 pm (UTC)
i love the background dancer too XD
i will check the link later :)
thax 4 sharing...its quite unique on how u slowly develop the interest towards johnny's ^^
14th-Aug-2011 03:15 pm (UTC)
This is awesome. How you magically came across them and then lost sight of them and then suddenly found them again.

I'll make my own story sometime. But mine is more complicated certainly not fate related and a lot less beautiful as yours because I had lot of hate inside (lol) and I used to hate half the guys of whom now I'm fan of xD (A long time ago I learned that the more you dislike a Johnny the more he will grow inside you later)
15th-Aug-2011 04:58 am (UTC)
I'm just shocked I recalled them. Really one of those random things.

I just ended up writing this, since so many comms want your back story. I get what you're saying. I didn't like Ryo very much, but my hate (and Kanjani* memebers) changed that.
15th-Aug-2011 07:50 pm (UTC)
I know what you mean.

Yeah, I know, I've never done one though (well, except for the argentinian KAT-TUN forum because that's like a rule to be a member :/). I used to hate Kame and Jin so much. God, and I'm an Akame fan now xD. Awwww, Kanjani8, you gotta love them ñ___ñ
7th-Oct-2011 02:00 pm (UTC)
Well, I couldn't help myself as I came back to LJ after some time, and as I was passing by in order to wish you a Happy Birthday!^^, I became curious in your LJ and decided to read some posts of yours...yeah, i know very rude of me as you always read and comment mines but I never read yours:-"..but glad to this occasion I'm happy that I've actually read smth!^^
As for the post it's so GREAT!!^^ I really like it! I think it's very interesting the way you discover KAT-TUN, the way you come to love Junno! For me this story of yours just prove to me, once again that everything happens for a reason in this world! And that if you can't get someone out of your head then it's probably supposed to be there! I think you had a very great idea to make a post in which you say how you get to know KAT-TUN, and implicit JE, especially because it's not a boring or a common one!
7th-Oct-2011 09:32 pm (UTC)
Nah not rude. I don't read everyone's LJ that I post at. ^^

Thank You. I'm glad you thought it was interesting. Yeah, really. I mean really what are the odds that you're going to randomly watch something and then late on in life totally recall something like that. I guess it's a Déjà Vu thing in a way. Well I kind of had to make it. With so many communities wanting your back story on how you found the group I got tired of writing it out in a short form that didn't make much sense. I am glad you enjoyed my story though.

The only thing I wish I could've add was having a JE song as the first Japanese song I listened to non stop, but that honor goes to X-Japan's "Forever Love." by the way of a Boy Band Song Fic Challenge.
21st-Feb-2012 06:46 am (UTC)
Oh wow, I love this post. I was reading your review on Chains's album and I got to another post and come upon this. I knew KAT-TUN from Gokusen too! I guess one thing lead to another and I can never thank Matsujun enough LOL
21st-Feb-2012 06:48 am (UTC)
Oh thanks and thank you for even reading my review. Yeah Matsujun really ended up a blessing for the company when we look at it like this.
21st-Feb-2012 07:37 am (UTC)
I became interested to read your review because I recognised your icon (someone made a point about it in Arama's post I guess).. I never seriously think that a KAT-TUN's fan won't consider herself as a Hyphen, and that intrigued me to stalk your LJ XDD
4th-Mar-2012 07:15 am (UTC)
Ohhh this was really interesting!
A real Junno stan indeed,
This was nice to know you more, you have a really long term best friend! That´s a lot of accomplish too,
You got in here thanks to Kat tun too, that´s something we def have in common too^_^
Love this!

*10000000000000 hugs and kisses*

ps: I got curious, do you have asian chanels in your cable?O_O
4th-Mar-2012 07:28 am (UTC)
Indeed, but I've got to stop with the stalking thing. Though it be funny to not even have ever been to Japan and still figure out where he lived. (OT: I just did this to a youtube vloger, but he made it too easy. You can't say I'm going to the post office that you have you're fan mail sent too and get their in 2 minutes. Then in the next video be walking around on the street showing street signs. Yeah I'm weird)
Yeah it is.
Oh yes and we're from differant groups ...well when we joinned the fandom, so we also have differant views and that makes it even more fun.
I'm glad.

Oh a kiss too?! I'm going to have to steal Ryo's car and give it too you. lol

ps: Not anymore. Not like I had talked about. We have a few channles, that will toss something in a Asain Language up once in a while. X-Men in Japanese was on last night. lol It makes me very sad and pisses me off. We have a huge asain population and not 1 channle.
9th-Mar-2012 05:37 pm (UTC)
I´t really fun that way!!^_^

LMAO!!!! Steal Ryo and his car and I´ll owe you my sould lol!!!^_^

Wow watching Xmen in Japanese must be somehow strange lol! I don´t like dubbed things very much, I prefer subtitles but it must be interesting^^ Here you don´t have any asian channel if you want there´s only one and you have to pay lots for it T_T
23rd-Aug-2012 09:02 am (UTC)
i read this and i find this really touching...

ill be sure to read the comments too...

im also inspired to make one...

my story is really long and winding so i guess copying your example will make it sound awesome, too...

i also added you as a friend.... you dont have to friend me back...
23rd-Aug-2012 09:27 am (UTC)
Oh thanks.
I am glad to inspire you and I look forward to reading yours.
By all means. I'm a bit foward, but I'm still nice. I went a head and added you. You took the time to say something to me, it's the lease I can do. I'll be looking out for your stuff.
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