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3rd-Apr-2012 05:39 am
Not A Hyphen
Time to vote here in a few hours. The polls open at 7am. Normally one of the first, since I go with mom. Had to think about some of the Props, since it's all Property taxes that pay for everything. Yes, we have no taxes (in Anchorage, meet some poor saps that moved to the other cities and weren't happy they didn't get away from sales tax) but they make it up this way.

Got a Mayor race. Voting for him. He came into a mess, and he's done what he can. Even if he voted or did party things, he did something. Also this stupid bridge wasn't all his fault. People forget somethings had to change when they got some reports about the sandmovement and other crap like that. He's done some bad things too,but whatever. The main oppenet is a blind, bais, POS, ex cop who walks around acting like he really did somethign as police chef. Yeah, pay those fucks to go sit at resturants all day.

Go a GLBT "rights" thing to vote on. Really even if it passes, nothing comes from it and pass or fail the lawsuits are already getting set. *eye roll*

Parks and Recs. Most people wanted the trails taken out, since if you walk on them the Bikers claim they're for them in and the Skiers claim them all winter long. They both claim they give time and moeny to upkeep them. Fine. Upkeep them.

Roads, drainages, crap like that.

Repairs for the Buses and a new ambulance.

Give widows/widowers a $100,000 tax break on their house is their military spouce gets killed.

Let's see...Oh you know how they post like annoucements like for repoing land and houses or calling people in to court. Well they just want to move that to online.

Of course the worthless school bonds. Only the stupidest people ever vote for these. Even the smart teachers know not to suport these. WHY? That money never gets used correctly. Plus they're lying in their ads on TV that it'll be used to buy new books.

Speaking of school. Got some School Board memeber seats up. OUT WITH THEM ALL.

Yep another voting season. I can only wish we didn't have November coming.

UPDATE: Polling places ran out od ballots. When asked why the chick in charge said something along the lines of "We take the number of how many people did come out to vote last time and then add 20%." I can understand that. It normally works (BTW they don't do this on big elections, so liek in Novermeber they wouldn't be doing this), but since we had Prop 5 and a big mayor race more people came out. People are claiming they were turnned away (funny enough they were for Prop 5 or the other guys trying to take out our Mayor), yet people from those same polling place, say they were told to either go to the next on over, or wait there until new ballots showed up. Many people bitched they couldn't stay to vote. Well you know what. That's just something you had to do. There were people tweeting and hitting face book an hour after the polls closed (8pm) saying they were waiting. Me personally, my mother taught me a real smart thing to do. GO WHEN THE POLLS OPEN! Oh also their was voter fraud from the suporters of the other guy running from mayor. WHile he says he didn't say this. His suporters say he said they could register and vote. ....... -_- I can only guess these are stupipd 18year olds who have no idea about this jerks history, or the suporters of Prop 5 (Since the guy suported it) because ever since I was a small child and before the law has stated that "You have to be register 30 days before a vote." So a big mess.

Our mayor got re elected. The haters are hating.
School board I don't care.

All Props, but Prop 5 for the "equal" rights for GLBT passed. BTW interesting things that "shocked" people. Gays don't like Trans people and Trans people don't like being called gay. So while gays wanted "equal rights" they don't believe Trans people are like them and should be treated as such. Who's think one group wouldn't want to be lumpped together with the other. Oh and of course on lady came out and said "Just like the NCAAP doesn't speak for every black, The GLBT/GlAD group doesn't speak for me."

It's it great to be human.
5th-Apr-2012 01:31 am (UTC)
So nice to know that u r such a responsible civilian, here it´s mandatory to vote I know there is not so it´s awesome you do it^^

5th-Apr-2012 02:27 am (UTC)

Though sometimes I wish we could change how elections are done a small bit. I don't want people to feel less imporant, but really if you're ass doesn't know what the hell you're voting on, I do believe your vote should count less than someone elses. I'm not asking for much, maybe like a "duh" trype question before the choices. Like for school board memebers. I only had a clue of who 1 person was and that's because she made enough money to make a tv ad. I never heard of the people in the other races for seats, so I wouldn't mind answering a simple question of "have you ever heard of these people?" NO....well my vote counts for half then. Fair enough for me.

BTW added an update on what has happened.
8th-Apr-2012 07:10 pm (UTC)
I get what u mean, u have to be a responsible civilian and make at least some research in the candidates, otherwise you are totally voting out of frivolous reasons or for superficial ones, and both suck!!!
But lot of pple are irresponsible as that, here because it´s mandatory lots go there having no idea of whom to vote ¬_¬ unbelievable!! *sigh*

I´ll check updates tonight^^
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