familytables (familytables) wrote,

A quick lesson in telling BS from non BS

Quick lesson, to let you know if the person who is writting what you are reading about Alaska knows WTF they're talking about. If you read something like this:

American Indians and Alaskan Natives make up about 95% of the population

They mostly likely don't have a fucking clue and is going off some random book or website crap, and really you could be sure that if you wanted to you could go find the same crap this person is writing and claim to be just as smart.

Now if you read something like this:

Alaskan Natives make up about 95% of the population

You have someone on a better track, that might now WTF they are talking about. And if they know what the Natives they are talking about are called. That's even better.

And that was your quick lesson in BS.

This lesson comes from the even more BS found on msn HERE since I can tell you this IS NOT the poorest county (BTW we don't have counties).
Tags: life, random
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