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I'm sick.

That's a understatement.

I got sick from going to go see Eli. I figured he was past the point I would catch anything, since he, 1 -asked me to come over and 2- Had planned on going to work the next day.


This thing is bad to. In under 24 hours I was on my ass. Let me tell you the Day/NyQuil bottle doesn't cover everything that comes with this thing. For my first time ever I got to know the real meaning of a fever breaking. I had a 102.6F fever and went to sleep, work up in aswimming pool. At less my temp went down.

Even for all my bitching, I still don't have it too bad. I'm not endlessly couoghing like he was and when I cough I have crap come up. He was just dry coughing. Also I can eat and drink. He lost 10lbs.

Well I'm having trouble sitting up and boy oh boy do the body aches hurt. 1 just since I have body aches and also I can't lay on my back so my sides hurt too.

Later everyone.

UPDATE: May 7,2012: Well...I weighed myself. 146.2lbs. I can say I have offically reached my weight loss goal and then some. I mean I am pre prego weight. Honestly, I'm sitting here trying to figure out how to get my health back and not put the weight back on. I'm a dork I know.
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