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UPDATE: weight and a cloths rant

Hay everyone.

I thought I tell everyone how my weight lost thingy is going.

Um...I got sick and lost more than my target weight. I went under 140lbs, but I got back and now I weight 147lbs ~ish. SO I'm happy, but not. I mean I feel like I cheated. So now I have to work hard at trying to put healthy weight back on, with out gaining un needed weight. I'm looking forward to it.

Anyway a whole side story. My hubby decided to take me to the movies as a "Well maybe our marriage could be saved" type thought. Let's not get into that. I decided to get all pretty. I even took a flat iron to my hair. It didn't hold, but anyone who knows me can see the differance stil even with it poofing. Anyway, he got SO MAD at me wearing the shirt dress and shorts I did. He calls it sluty even though I feel he's more attached to the idea he wants to do bad things to me everytime he see me more than it being slutty. Also I don't dress like this. Like the army style is me, anything army colors or camo, but girly no. Pants and T-shirts. Now, I'll give on the short shorts. I've had these things since I was 12. They have always been short shorts, but my ass got to fat for them. Now they don't even but into my skin from being tight, but I can get a finder in the leg without trouble, so they're not tight on me now, but they aren't baggy. I can get why he dosen't like them. Also the knee highs. He's a guy. It's a dirty thing to him. But really I don't know why have a fit about the dress. Hell I just saw a CM online where this chick who had to be 40 (By her neck lines), was wearing one in brown, but it was more high end, so it's tie strings were wider and the shoulders were more nice, but same dress and heels and she looked fine. OK I'm ranting. SO here's the picks of the dress and shorts.

[Pics and More]

Also head shots of me in two lights. I like the one with the wall making the light look yellow, but my friend was like "I like the other one, you're lips look cute." So I'm like whatever.

Anyway, that was my weight update and some ranting for you.
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