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Random Challange....Random Guy

So my friend was bitching about how he never meets anyone random or fun out in the real world. Never any brave fun guys. So I told him I would see how long it took me to meet someone who at less seemed like fun. It didn't even take me a day.

I went to Lowe's with my other friend and while checking out (Well I noticed him while we came in, because he um did his job and greeted us as we passed and asked if he could help us. crazy I know) he talked to us about the fact he realized he didn't have any friends outside of his co workers and a few ex class mates. He figured that today he would talk more to everyone he saw to see if that's how everyone else's life is. Can't lie he was easy on the eyes, had a nice voice and was giving off such a warm feeling my friend and I both thought about going back for him. lol. BTW yes I snapped these pics of him without knowing, but 1 I'm to shy to ask and 2 I did it so randomly. I'm not this type of person. Anyway in the end my Guy pal hates me, since now he thinks I proved he just has a lock for uninteresting people. lol

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