familytables (familytables) wrote,


Hi everyone.
I'm working my ass off. I got really sick. I got to see my husband on our anni, but we're fighting still. I got him xmas gifts and gave them to him and he loves them to death. I can't really say what i got because they may be illegal...ANyway. I'm just starting to get well again so yeah. It helps the place I eat at everyday has a great owner. She's Korean and takes very good care of me. I never have really told her about my fandom, but she's slowly figured out (My phone rang and I made custom ring tones of my fav groups) I listen to K/J POP. Well that I while everyone else was asking her about PSY I was so over the GS already. Anyway....I hope my xmas cards are making it to everyone who wrote me back. I love you all even those who didn't. And I hope you're all well and stay strong.
Tags: life
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