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Random Hi 
25th-Jan-2013 12:45 am
Not A Hyphen
Hello. I'm alive. A lot of stuff going on at work and in life. I'll make a update post one day. lol

I just came in to say, I was having a "I need some of my childhood back" moments, and looked up The Backstreet Boys. I was rocking out to old songs, enjoying the new ones that have come out since I faded away from the fandom and group and it hit me. Everyday I would dance (yes dance) to atless 1 of their concert videos everyday. Not only that, but I would memorize the way each guy danced and every little moment they made and changes and what not, and I would dance to 1 guys style the whole video through and then after doing each guy I would have like a just dance whatever day. Now I not only did this for BSB but I had to be fair and do NSYNC too. And sometimes I wouldn't just do one concert video. I'd do all of BSB one day and all NSYNC after or the next day. Plus whenever they were one tv performing I'd dance along after watch (and recording).

So what's this all about?

Yeah I played outside, I hate unhealthy as hell, but doing that most likely kept my ass in shape. And I was thinking if I even tried to do that for all the Johnny's groups (since you know I like them all....almost) I'd die. If not from a heart attack, then I'd pull something or fall into something like a fool when the Wii came out. LOL

Yeah, I just wanted to say that. I've got to go back off into the Real World Sadly.
3rd-Feb-2013 05:05 am (UTC)
I love BSB! They were my 1st band outside my country that I adore (Not as much I adore KAT-TUN) but they opened my eyes and my taste of music is thanks to them. How I love 90s songs so much.

it pretty amazing that u were able to dance to that extend. All the details n changes. I danced to their moves too but just for fun. though for me, I only remember a little bit of their dance if I heard their songs.
3rd-Feb-2013 08:11 am (UTC)
Yeah BSB holds a very close place to my heart. I was lucky that here in my hometown our record stores had a very large NON USA section and one night while watch MTV they were talking Euro Music and said "Hay look at the boys who came here instead of going up agenst the USA Media Market." So I was able to join them pretty close to the start. Even bought the VHS of their first Concert in Germany. SO yeah. Much love. I can't say if I adore them as much as I do KAT-TUN. My love of KAT-TUN and all Johnny's is differant in the way that many fangirl mistakes aren't there to be made. I guess you can say Having the first wave of Boybands really helps now, to enjoy the Johnny's a lot more and not let the dark side of the fandom bring me down. Oh and yes BSB also did help me open out. While I had a very open taste, I never took the time to enjoy other media or realise how much music effect people so differant. To this day the BSB world tour and the stop in Brazil I believe is stuck in my head. Them up on top of the hotel roof and looking out for like 20 blocks each way nothing but fans and having to shut down that part of the city. I don't think I've seen anything like that sence.

Yeah, Thinking about it dancing like that is crazy and the fact I remeber all of it. I can bearly recall the moves to any Johnny's. I think Arashi's A*Ra*Shi I know the most dancing too with No Matter Matter coming in second. It's kind of funny I still recall a good bit of the dances and the more I listen I can have them come back. If I'm watching a video, most of the move set returns and then goes away.

It's all very much fun. It really makes all the money and time I wasted on them worth it, because I have something that has stuck with me for life and can bring me happiness. Plus I got to see the music world change. I had said that in a news comment when this whole thing about the AKB chick shaving her head came up. Really during the first years of the boyband fase (96-98) it was still very much don't break the idol image. Don't you dare take your girlfriend to the awards show, or even get caught. You better behave at the after parties. Stuff like that, then 99' happened and everything change, at first it was for the better, but now I'm sitting her going "I don't want to know what him and his girlfriend's fav position in bed is!" or "I don't want to know what flavor condoms you used....Thank God you used one though."

Well back to the happy land of Johnny. ^_^ Talk with you later.
5th-Feb-2013 02:13 pm (UTC)
My dad who introduced me to BSB, weird but true. it was the only boyband album that my dad bought. he never buy any other album~ I was really glad and happy. bcoz of my dad, I'm EXPOSE to english songs. BSB will always has special place in my heart forever.

I love No Matter Matter move, every time i heard the song, i will always imagine their chibi's days dancing with their butt swagging from side to side. so cute! I love N.M.P moves. That is the closest that I can remember, DUES in 2nd place.

I love the 90s. it had the best songs, the best drama, the best tv show, the best of everything. Even the best of my life. I learned a lot during that period of times.

be glad to talk to you~
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