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Random Hi

Hello. I'm alive. A lot of stuff going on at work and in life. I'll make a update post one day. lol

I just came in to say, I was having a "I need some of my childhood back" moments, and looked up The Backstreet Boys. I was rocking out to old songs, enjoying the new ones that have come out since I faded away from the fandom and group and it hit me. Everyday I would dance (yes dance) to atless 1 of their concert videos everyday. Not only that, but I would memorize the way each guy danced and every little moment they made and changes and what not, and I would dance to 1 guys style the whole video through and then after doing each guy I would have like a just dance whatever day. Now I not only did this for BSB but I had to be fair and do NSYNC too. And sometimes I wouldn't just do one concert video. I'd do all of BSB one day and all NSYNC after or the next day. Plus whenever they were one tv performing I'd dance along after watch (and recording).

So what's this all about?

Yeah I played outside, I hate unhealthy as hell, but doing that most likely kept my ass in shape. And I was thinking if I even tried to do that for all the Johnny's groups (since you know I like them all....almost) I'd die. If not from a heart attack, then I'd pull something or fall into something like a fool when the Wii came out. LOL

Yeah, I just wanted to say that. I've got to go back off into the Real World Sadly.
Tags: fandom, life
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