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It's a BOY! 
18th-Jun-2013 01:08 pm
Not A Hyphen
Yep, having a boy. Really happy. He was very active and even was being a bit of a smartass to the tech. He waved at us too. lol
19th-Jun-2013 12:36 am (UTC) - I'm sorry I forgot to comment on the previous post you made :(
Yes, I should have bookmarked it because I read it and I told myself I was going to think of a better comment but at the end I forgot to do it and just remembered about it again when I saw you post this one. Forgive me, Staci T__T

Anyway, congratulations on the baby!!!! *throws confetti* But but but.. how did this happen if you and Eli arent back together? o_o You guys.. have been doing the deed and then quarrel every after? Lol. ;o Is he still not happy with this news? He shouldnt act like he doesnt have a part on how it happened though.. Anyway, I'm sure you are a very excited mother no matter what. Babies are always angels ♥

I recently had a baby niece and she's only 2 weeks old but I got to take care of her while I was in Singapore last month. She's so cute and never fails to melt your heart whenever you stare at her ♥

I'm pretty sure you are aware that having a baby is not an easy path but as long as you are happy having it and that both of you and the baby boy are healthy then it's good. I hope everything will be fine with your relationship with Eli as well now with this baby coming--even if you both will push through the divorce because it doesnt necessarily mean that you have to get back together but being supportive with you and his child is enough.

I miss talking to you and I'm partly excited of you dealing with the stage called motherhood <3 I miss you! You take care always!

Edited at 2013-06-19 04:29 pm (UTC)
25th-Jun-2013 05:02 am (UTC) - Re: I'm sorry I forgot to comment on the previous post you made :(
It's alright.

Thank you. It happened right before our official divorce. We were still spending time together, and you know doing everything NOT like anyone who would be getting a divorce would be doing. Hell we don't even seem divorced until we start yelling at each other. And yes to you're striked out comment. lol He's gotten a bit better. He went in with me to see what we were having so...it's a start and he does bring me good food to make sure I'm eating healthy. I think my baby will be a bit of a demon. He's already a bit cocky and naughty. XD

Oh yes you're niece has come. Seems like only a few days ago you were talking about how a baby was on the way. Oh we've spent so much time not talking.

I do ope things with Eli work out. Heck even his little brother and his wife figured everything out and are pulling for me to get his ass back, even though they know he hasn't been kind to me at times. They understand he's a good fit for my puzzle. He got his divorce 2 days after I told him I was preggo. It really just was sliting his own throat, because I have to take child support from him and with the other stuff I need to apply for for help, the gov will go after him and it's like 20% of his Ajusted Grorth Income. He's so screwed. I just can't struggle that much though to cover his ass you know? Best for baby and I just hope he doesn't get mad because I have warned him a billlon times but he rather listen to the lose whores from work who were to lazy to file out a few pieces of paperwork to go after their babies daddys who were deadbeats.

I'm really excited and it's fun having like 5 other women all prego around the same time as me. I'm like #2 in line. The only thing is everyone is saying I'm same, even though the doctor says I'm measuring right. Maybe they just think I need to be a house. But heck today people who didn't know are finally asking, even customers so I must be looking the part now. Baby Boy is active as hell and doing more flips than a Jr Taguchi. lol Yep I feel a lot. It's nice, but tiring. He wakes me up at night. of well might as well get ready for it. lol

I miss you too and I will. You take care of yourself too. *hugs*
19th-Jun-2013 02:31 am (UTC)
happy newly mom :D
to the baby boy: welcome to the world dear ^^
25th-Jun-2013 05:03 am (UTC)
Still have to wait a while till he's here, but he's making sure I don't forget. Moving all the time. lol
I'm a very happy mommy.
19th-Jun-2013 05:22 am (UTC)
Congrats & all the best to you ♥ ♥
25th-Jun-2013 05:02 am (UTC)
Thank you
15th-Jul-2013 09:40 pm (UTC)
i finally got a new laptop and ohhh my gosh I've missed soo much . CONGRATS!!!! on having a baby and lol at him waving at the tech i'm glad that him and u are healthy and happy.
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