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I miss my fandom life 
3rd-Aug-2016 07:59 pm
Not A Hyphen
I miss my fandom life. I was happy in my bubble. Real life has it's ups. Well one. My Little Man. Can't believe Miles will be 3 soon. He's the light of my life and everything great. I might not get that great blessing of having a conversation with him as he's still not talking and might not fully talk or understand or whatever. We'll see if anyone ever looks at him and not just slaps a half thought out lable on him. But other than that it seems like everything in my life is the same stuck in a hell cycle. Eli up and down. Job up and down. Mom....well she left state for half a year so that's an up. My social got a bit better with a few co workers hanging out outside of work....and pokemon....but yeah. Nothing. I get to peek once in a blue moon at the Johnny's but not long enough to get in there deep. Youtube and gaming videos and wrestling are the only things keeping me from going crazy. ...I miss chating with all my pals on here. Some have moved on. Some I still see here. Some still have nice updated photos of Junno up. (I see he's still not fully not awkward about taking pics yet.) SO if you guys see this post. Hello and I miss you and did not forget. Well I better go get my sleep. 5:30am wake ups still suck.
4th-Aug-2016 05:22 am (UTC)
I completely understand what you're going through/have been going through.

Just know we (or at least I) haven't forgotten you yet either, so come back whenever you can :)
6th-Aug-2016 12:09 pm (UTC)

I hope you are in good health and your life will get stable soon and for you to be happy! <3
I really missed our fangirling days back in the years. *glomps* but what can we do~ lots of things have change~
and yes Junno is not fully awkward... YET hahaha but he seems to be in good health and happy~ that's all that matters.
I'm serious I really really miss you! fandom aside I intend on keeping the friendship *hugs*
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