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Well that was easy - Taguchi 
2nd-Sep-2016 09:39 pm
Not A Hyphen
Yes even in my busy life I to saw Junni's website (or lack there of) go up. I took a little time to look at sone comments, fanbiards etc...and came to see no one had a damn answer on who ge was with. Now most of you reading this I can safely say we know JE and the pull they have so it was highly unlikley a big company. The fact that his site didnt have a company anywhere help inforce this idea of him going independent. So i took a extra five minutes and looked up who host or owbed the site. I used 3 of these websites to look up this info.I got 99% the same stuff but just this little bit was enough info:

Sponsoring Registrar IANA ID: 49
Whois Server: whois.discount-domain.com
Referral URL: http://www.onamae.com/
Name Server: NF3.DBECS.COM
Name Server: NS6.DBECS.COM
Status: ok https://icann.org/epp#ok
Updated Date: 22-aug-2016
Creation Date: 02-may-2016
Expiration Date: 02-may-2017

That's right http://www.onamae.com/ making it even more of a fact he's on his own, using friends and business pals to help. Oh and see the creation date. Thats why im a bit disapointed in the website.

Btw good on him for getting his fan club running.

Anyway as the haters and fools fight over him starting his solo project and "lying" i look foward to seeing what junno's FU to JE will be. They do deserve it, but then again they're busy trying to patch the SMAP hole in the ship....but you know...sometimes it might be better for the ship to sink....i hate to say but its kibd of true. Well im sure we still have 4 mire years. Arashi has to do the 2020 games. Ha
4th-Sep-2016 04:12 am (UTC)
Actually the one who built the website is his friend, an art director Sasaki-san, which makes it over reacting for fans to get uproar over the date being after 10th anni because I doubt Sasaki-san aware of the sensitivity it might cost since he only register it at the time and doing the constructing later. you can check Sasaki-san website at the section of his portfolio. There is Junno's website there 😊

btw how are you?
4th-Sep-2016 07:39 pm (UTC)
Sasaki-san made it? That still hurts a little. I guess I'm just overly spoiled by the fact some LJs look better than the site. Oh well.

As for the fans....You know very stereotype JE fans out there. They make me sick and wonder wtf is wrong with them. Hell 98% f the shit I read them posting falls under the "We heard what we wanted and not what was said." I mean I can't blame anyone that doesn't understand why he retired from JE and then goes solo....That's a businesss/benfit thing,but yeah.....

I JUST WANT TO HEAR THE SONG ALREADY! A snip would've been nice.

I'm doing very well. I finally got enough suport from assistant managers and 2 of the co managers in the store to fight for me to get the store manager to let me move to Lawn and Garden. Yep I'm crazy as hell since it's changes with every season and holiday and you knnow Xmas is just around the corner...I think I start settign it in a week or two. But hay it was a pay raise. I was making $12.50 and now I'm making $15.00. I'm looking forward to the challange.

Miles' endless engery. I'm still waiting to hear from the school distric to hear about getting him in his school for his late talking. He's trying though and I van get him to say a few of his ABCs the best he can and numbers. It's crazy how big he is and strong. He weighs like nothing, but he's a bean pole. I'm sure he'll be taking things off the top shelf in no time.

How are you doing?

28th-Sep-2016 04:07 am (UTC)
Sorry for the late reply~ I've been very busy with works!

Hahahahaha oh well~ can't help it. I'm so turned off by fandom right now that I'm just sitting in the cave lol coz some hyphen just wrote me a strong worded letter full of hatred for supporting Junno and calling me bashing other fans... right~ Exactly I just view this as business stuff not personal.


That's very delightful to hear! at least it lessen your burden a little. But yeay you move to Lawn and Garden! What kind of work did you do? We are basically on the same field now! Oh now I'm really curious how your work is. Tell me more! Well it's a step up. but if it fits with the task given then it's okay~ slowly getting better pay. I'm also looking forward to your challenge and should you need any help tell me! It's my expertise! lol

Woah Miles is going to school already! Time flies so fast! Feels not so long ago that you were writing about his birth *____* I'm sure he works hard. Would love to get to know him and teaching him as well hahaha. I just love kids. How tall is he already? I'm sure he'll be there in no time!

I'm great. I've been managing my own company now. and have two workers. so I'm stress free because I'm doing works according to my satisfaction. Also I'm obsessed with watching figure skating now HAHAHAHA Junno is still ichiban though don't worry XD
5th-Sep-2016 02:22 am (UTC)
I didn't see anybody fighting, actually. Most people were really hyped over his solo career.

I don't feel betrayed because Junno was never my favorite. Far from it, actually. Out of the six of them, Junno always came last in my list of favorites.
So, anyway, I'm just disappointed. I think even Koki's leave was better, because at least the man didn't lie.

So, I couldn't help but read your reply to marynasuke's comment and it made me wonder: what do you think has happened?

People who are mad (or disappointed, like me) understand the business part of it, obviously. What we do not understand is why he had to say that he was leaving the spotlight when he obviously wasn't. My favorite KT member was Akanishi and then both Koki and Kame came second, so, yeah, believe me, I do understand people wanting to leave their boyband (or growing out of it). What I still don't understand is why he lied about it. Both Koki and Akanishi were pretty transparent about why they were leaving at the time, that's why I don't understand Taguchi's actions. It's not like he was the first one leaving the group and he wanted to save face or whatever. Or like JE wouldn't have let him tell the truth as both Koki and Jin told mostly the truth when leaving. He left a pretty dead group, just say you wanna go solo and that's it.

Anyhow, I'm sorry I ranted. I just want to read what you have to say about this :)
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