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2nd-Apr-2012 09:46 pm - Another Wrestling Post
Not A Hyphen
*cries* To Poeple I disliked in the ring, but only one of them has grown over the years. That be the one standing.

[He's still got it! *clap clap clapclapclapclap*]

2nd-Apr-2012 02:06 am - Wrestlemaina in a post
Not A Hyphen

A great thing to see him in the Hall of Fame,but WAY TOO SOON. Love You Edge. Thank you.

Under cut just incase. Don't want to spoil it for the one person tying not to see.

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29th-Mar-2012 12:34 am - Rant..kind of on oil drilling
Not A Hyphen
Sometimes I get asked how I can suport offshore drillinig.
Besides the money that might be put in my pocket, I have a very good reason.
It's the lesser of the two evils.

Really, if we don't drill there in there pockets of open ocean I guess I could call them, then guess what? Someone else will.

Did you know that up here in Alaska, our coast gaurd reported the the Chinese have been looking around an area where oil companies have been wanting to drill, but the goverment has been twiddling their thumbs on. Same with Russia.

So we have poeple here in the USA going "You can't drill because your safety standards, might not be good enough." and holding up approval, but the have nothing to say (or do they even know or care) that these other countries, with less safety stanards are planning to drill in those spots if we don't. And most of them don't even have clean up equipement or anything like that. If they were to have a spill, they'd just go "Crap, sorry Alaska." Sure their might be some fee placed in by UN or something, but really, the USA would be left with the clean up and everything else.

So let's have the best and safety and less worries with knowing if anything bad did happen, at less there would be something done about it.
27th-Mar-2012 11:09 pm - Fandom Ranting.
Not A Hyphen
I just felt like posting this. Everyone as of late has been dealing with the stupid fucks out there that endless bitch if you don't buy ever peace of shit J&A (JE) puts out.

Look most of the fans don't understand how the buissness works. Those of use who ave looked it up and feel really bad for our boys since they're getting screwed cheeper than a ....

Anyway, I just last year tossed out the boxes of magazines I had keeps. I had 6 like 16 by 13 by 10 boxes. Filled to the top. All worthless now. I had tons of posters offical and the ones that were from the magazines. The few offical ones I kept are with my other few posters I've kept over the years, but most are rip, torn and trashed. Another worthlesss waste. Let's see all most all the key chains, notepads, pins, etc are in junk boxes or I got something off them at a garage sale. The only things I've kept nice are the few posters that are with others like I said, I have some button pins that were cool and I kept, my NSYNC Fan Babies and of course my cds and VHS tapes (I need to get a burner and switch them over one day). Really those cds are such a pain in the ass, but I'm still to lazy to burn and toss them. Anyway, I even wasted my money on the unoffical documentaries.

So what's my point? FUCK ALL THE EXTRA SHIT! Buying cds are good since we like the music. Unless you're an Arashi or Kanjani8 fan. Then you might joined the fandoms for their over their tv shows first. Just like the Fandom. It's kind of like a full understanding that people are using each other to get more on the guys. They are greatful that you're shearing, subbing, etc, but really unless they become a close friend with you, they don't really care about the other fans. I'm not saying everyone thinks that way. God I know I've been called a bitch too many times, because I've stated clearly. I'M NOT HERE FOR THE FANDOM, BUT THE GUYS! When it comes down to it. I mean unless I got read you're fan fiction or look at you're fan art, or whatever I'm not really here to help you and the fanworld on your mission of world peace and spreading the fandom and trying to have the guys take over the world (God help us).

I'm sure someone's totally not going to understand this post. Maybe if you've been in fandom long enough, were around during the boy band years, or was in another fandom you will.

Oh also I'm really starting to think of making that a bitch group or something. Many of you one my flist all seem to be endless told that or treated like that, or have the image. I'm not sure what we'd do though. Laugh and rant to each other about how some stupid uneducated dumb little bitches don't like what we have to say?

I don't know. Whatever. Just a rant.

BTW my BSB and NSYNC that were taking up dust. Small note. I did add in any cd they appeared on, except all the NOW That's what I call music CDs.

[Stupid CDs]

Not A Hyphen
Woke up at 10:00am and then went back to sleep.

Woke up at 11:15am and decided I wanted to take my husband out to eat. I sent him a text.

12:15 after taking an hour shower (danm right) I saw my husband still no text back. I call him and wake him up. I sigh as I could've just slept til noon too.

Eli is an ass and even though it's his day off he doesn't want to see me and says no to lunch and no to seeing me and having me come hang out.I keep nagging him about how he should let me come over and finally I'm like "I'm coming over!" He says "no" I say "Yes."

1:32pm...I look up and see the two buses that to his place leave at 1:40 and 1:45. I get mom to give me a quick ride 3 blocks and run down to the cross walk, making great timing with the lights, run across the mall parking lot to find BUS 1 had came and left, but Bus 2 was just pulling up. I keep on texting him as I take the 10 minute ride. Then the 5 minute walk.

2:07pm I get there. He says he was a bit 40/60 that I'd show.

We spent until 5:30pm together watching tv and he felt bad since no I have a cough. He nicely took me to Burger King to ger something to eat, since I knew my dad already would have eaten and mom really doesn't eat much. I guess that happens when you're old like that. Anyway I thought that was nice since he was going to go have steaks with his brother. I guess bro will be moving back to Texas soon...or so that's the idea.

I'll be seeing my stupid husband on the 30th. He'll be taking me to the Uni to go back to the dentist. I'm so happy. I won the lottery drawing for free dental work and really, students about to graduated are the best! So I'll be getting a filling for sure. Might skip the crown. Those things are so wasteful in the end. I know from watching all the teeth dad had crown go to hell.
Not A Hyphen
Started off as a idea to rant about my head hurting from all the Prop 5 fighting. Turned into something else kind of. So it got my Warning Lable that it might not set with you the right way.

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25th-Mar-2012 04:13 am - Interesting
Not a Arashian
A fast and simple thought that went through my head.

I'm watching Arashi ni Shiyagare. The eipsode with Toma on it. I'll telling you, even if you don't like them it's a good laugh just to hear the talk about their Jrs days. You know when interesting stuff happened. Anyway, my whole point in this post is, they're talking about cell phones and then they say Ohno had a 3m antenna for his phone. XD

So after lauging my ass off at this picture of Ohno sitting in a rehearsal room, in his suit (Yes Ohno was part of the suit team...if you have no idea what I'm talking about this is an imporant thing to learn...No really.) on his cell phone, with a 3m antenna sticking out.

Well I guess it was ment to be. He just needed to add a line and hook and bigno. Fishing Ohno.

Anyway here's the link to hear what Sempai Toma had to say.
15th-Mar-2012 11:26 pm - ABOUT TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Not A Hyphen
SO I noticed LJ updated!

Sticky Post: So we can tack up our welcome post and rule post.
Self Posting times post: So you can have your post, post themselves later on so you don't have to deal with back to back posting.
Spoilor tag: Let's see
[TESTING: Click]

Comment Image Placeholders:Make it so those images don't come up when your conection can't handle it...or you're at work
Popular Communities: Homepage addition features Top 10 communities
meh. not needed.

So make sure you hit up LJ news to see how this stuff works.
9th-Mar-2012 02:32 am - Random
Not A Hyphen
SO KAT-TUN no Sekaiichi Dame na Yoru! finally got subbed so I rewatched it. Thing is I had watched the next subbed part to 2012 Gaki no Tsuaki No-Laughing Airport Batsu Game. For those who do not know, that show is Downtown's (You know the host of Hey Hey Hey Music Champ) new year's speacal type show they do with Cocorico (Tanaka Naoki Endo Shozo) and Yamasaki Hosei. Being the main cast. They have mostly comics, but other celebs show up too in the show. And the whole thing is the guys aren't supost to laugh in 24 hours while a bunch of funny stuff happens. Really if you haven't watched these, start from the begain 24hr Endurance Tag and work you're ways through the years. I'm sure their is a list or check wikki (Link to where they can be found below). ANYWAY, Thanks to watching the Batsu Game, my mind conected and finally answered "Why were KAT-TUN finally able to do something like Sekaiichi Dame na Yoru!?" It's very simple.


NOw while the guys have worked with comics on Cartoon KAT-TUN, and seen them around, they have no real conectiong, until Koki Joined Bakusho! Dainippon Akan Keisatsu. He got in with Down Town and comics and well...They comics in the Sekaiichi Dame na Yoru can be found in the Batsu Games and other Down Town works.

Un Mystery solved.

Batsu Games -> Here
7th-Mar-2012 01:04 am - KONY 2012
Not A Hyphen
Posted this on my facebook, posting it here.

Might piss someone off on here, but most likely not. Just going to say it. I really want people to stop with the fucking KONY 2012. I swear I'm just tried of these fake cycles of caring. I mean someone who really cares, who's been working their asses off to get people to care and lesten finally, somehow gets everyone to go "OMG that's horrable!" and take up arms. That lastest what maybe half a year, before everyone burns out and the next cause that everyone forgot about picks back up again and this one will be forgotten. And don't you even say it wont, because I'm sure if you even cared last time, you've already forgotten about then. You want me take notice and care about something, tell me about it when it's not being treated like a fad
Not A Hyphen
So I watched Blair Underwood episode of Who Do You Think You Are? It's a show where they trace their family tree/roots.
He's a very blessed man. He's got the Black Family history man people don't have and really many people don't want to admit happened. Even the first lady I believe had free family memebers and it kind of ...pissed her off since she couldn't go do one of those "My Family has been slaves..." type deals. Really I recall she was going to do one, and then they found out she had free family memebers and then the project was dropped. Plus she honestly didn't seem happy.

Anway, back to Blair. He found out he had family memebrs free all the way to 1790. The born free memebr owened his mother and father, and that was the wall. He couldn't figure out how they became free, but it was nice.

I found the episode great since I got to learn something that they don't teach, since heaven forbid we learn anything that isn't in line with the good old "evil white man, slave trade."

So I found out in Virginia in 1782 they passed a law. Saying anyone could free a slave as long as they were not a child or and elder person (45 of age). It had to be done by will or deed. Then they passed the May 1st law in 1806. Any slave freed after May 1 had 1 year to leave the state other wise after one year's time they could be brought in and sold back into the slave market. I can only guess they town was getting a bit too crowded of free slaves, since the woman in the video said there was thousands of free slaves.
That's cool. I wish I could have been taught this in school, instead of being told I was a horrable person, fot accpeting that was then. Blacks weren't the first inslaved people in the world.

Anyway, I enjoyed the show. If you've never seen the show. Look it up.

Oh side note: Blair also found out he had French/Swiss and German DNA too. It was in total only 23% but hay. I have a possablity of being related to Blair Underwood and not by way of Africa.
1st-Mar-2012 12:31 am - Good Bye Davy and Dental
Not A Hyphen
It really makes me very sad that today the first thing I hear is Davy Johnes of The Monkees had died. I love watching them from a small girl to now. For a Fake TV Made Boy Band, they kicked ass to no end. Day might not have been my fav memeber, but he was a great person. Honestly good read about all he did and then know he did so much that never made press. You could always find stories from people that meet him or see him telling of his good deeds. It hurts he died as a victum thanks to being a victum of anyother worthless fucking doctor. "Oh you're fine, go home." I hope one day Doctors make shit pay like they do in the rest of the world. Then the real Doctors can step up and care for people......Anyway, for me there is only one song that comes to mind when I think of Davy. It breaks my heart, since the world are hitting close to home right now. Please enjoy.

So the Uni was hunting for Board Patient for the Dental Program. I went in and they looked in my mouth and scapped around. Great news...I DIDN'T PASS! The requirments are you couldn't have insurance, and couldn't have been seen Dentist in 5 years. Check. Well the whole thing that's so great about not passing. It means that my teeth are in great shape even though they had a lot of build up and I have a hole over on one side. The even better news. I signed up for an appointment to have a cleaning and x-rays (full mouth) done. The cost will be $75. ^^ I also entered in a drawing. If I get picked. I'll get cheep to free Dental so I can get that hole fixed. Honestly, it's a great thing going to the Uni. Plus you know the work will get down right and correct. HOw do I know. They're student and they have to tell the instuctor what they're doing and why. If they fuck up, guess who's not passing. Yeah I have to give up 3 hours (I'd have to do that anyway with my old Dentist. 1 hour in the lobby, 30 hour in the chair,x rays, 30 minutes waiting for the xrays to return, 30minutes for him to come back and look at them, 30 minutes for the cleaning, 30 minutes for him to come back from where he went. Get the point), but hay it'll be worth it.
29th-Feb-2012 02:50 am - Random
Not A Hyphen
Been reading subber vs streamer war threads. Yeah I'm a bit bored. So this subber said the quote below and honestly. I think this is the first time I've ever read someone say this.

"I might not own the show, but I own my translations and there is nothing illegal about that."

Honestly, I've never come across a subber who didn't know translating the shows were illegal.

Oh well it was in an old post. But yeah. That's a new one.
28th-Feb-2012 02:05 am - Writer's Block: Million Dollar Smile
Not A Hyphen
What is the most amount of money the tooth fairy has given you for a tooth?

I got $1000 for my last baby tooth.
25th-Feb-2012 01:36 am - RANT!!
Not A Hyphen
Race rant pointed mostly at Blacks, but can be used at everyone who's not white.

I guess I should say I'm half black half white...since that always helps.
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20th-Feb-2012 08:01 pm - Quick note about Lock On PV
Not A Hyphen
I don't feel like writing a long ass post so I'll just keep it simple.
KAT-TUN is once again conecting back to Kinki Kids. Really! Kinki Fans I know you are feeling me right? Honestly. Take this PV and replace KAT-TUN with Kinki and you have another Good Old Kinki PV. Maybe I'm crazy.

Oh they of course gave Junno his normal no screen time. Hell even when he was singing, they weren't even showing him til the end. And can we please change Koki's cothing style. I'm tired of thinking I should ask his to get my coat.
20th-Feb-2012 03:57 am - My KAT-TUN: CHAIN Review
Not A Hyphen
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19th-Feb-2012 03:59 am - DO NOT....
Not A Hyphen
Watch or read anything with Akanishi Jin in it and then watch a clip or episode of Space Ghoast Coast to Coast.

For those who have never watched the show...It's stupid, but great. It really was some of the best late night tv viewing and helpped started Adult Swim. ^^ Go watch a few episodes...watching just one, might not be the best. Some people need to warm up to the show.

Anyway...I'm off to crazyland.
17th-Feb-2012 06:11 pm - Worthless update
Not A Hyphen
So I finished color coding my Manage Friends page, then tagged all my new memorable journal entries. Since the whole MU thing happened, I changed my subbed index idea around. Not to sure haven't been super thinking about it.
15th-Feb-2012 07:52 pm - I''m gonna Kill myself....
Not A Hyphen
...eatting these, but how can I not?! They're SO BIG and sweet! Oh please God, just let me beak out in a rash instead of not being able to breath,after I eat these.

NOTE: I'm Allergic to strawberries. Over my life I slowly built up my immune system so I can eat 5 normal size strawberries, but these things are double that size. Normally if I eat more than 5 I break out and look like teenager with a bad pimple problem. BUT sometimes it'll get to the point where my tounge and throat swell up, but that's after eating 12 normal size one. With these so big I have no idea what's gonna happen. At less I'll die happy.
15th-Feb-2012 02:11 am - ....ENJOY
Not A Hyphen
Was looking up stuff about a good way for a Johnny's to get married. Ended up on a bunch of V6 stuff, since well who better than Inocchi as the poster child of how to get married. So then that lead to a J Firends, video and well...My eye sight was murdered, but my ears hear sweet sounds. SO I thought you all can handle losing your eye site to Johnny's Costumes.

Not A Hyphen
SO Today I watched The Shounen Club from...Feb 20, 2005....AKA 7 Years ago! OK It's not the 20th yet, but I didnt care for the "Try" episode. Anyway, the theme was Mirai/Future and they kept asking what they imagine they'll be doing in 10 years. Now granted they still have 3 more years to do these things, but after watching the episode and noticing the date, I thought it be cool to look and see what's happened and haven't happened.
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11th-Feb-2012 11:18 pm - Writer's Block: Grammy Awards
Not A Hyphen
What song is stuck in your head?

Chip & Dale: Rescue Rangers Theme Song.
11th-Feb-2012 06:02 pm - RIP Whitney Houston
Not A Hyphen
I am but am not shocked at hearing Whitney Houston has died. I watched the news and so far they say that even with getting CPR right away (I guess the firemen were in the hotle already due to it being a Pre Grammy Party Spot tonight) it was hopeless. I know a lot of people are saying "Ph She finally ODed. If she did...I guess I can say it's fine...I get it. I'm ok with it. I alreayd figured, just like everyone else, who is saying it. I can only hope that she died, say like the late great Eddie Guerrero. He died sober and clean from acute heart failure due to arteriosclerotic cardiovascular disease...which came from the long time drug use, but still he died clean and that's what I wish for her. I'll prey for her family (God knows Bobby needs it) and her friends and all other fans. I'm sure the Grammy's will be intersting to watch tommarrow.
20th-Jan-2012 06:10 pm - Goning IMA
Not A Hyphen
Well my father in law has maybe 2-3day day left. The hospital says it's best to take him off life support. So ELi will be flying down there to do all that stuff. I'll be going and saying in the duplex and will be cut off from the world, minus my phone or about a week. No I'm not going. Just the boys, which I'm a bit meh about, but still tight on money, so yeah. Anyway, I hope to come back to still find videos being traded and what not.

BTW if anyone has Cartoon KAT-TUN episodes 131 & 146 (The first half of the winter date) subbed could u please shear the link.
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