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I've been around LJ for a long time. I can recall when LJ was where all the poet kids posted all their carpy poems (For this day and add replace poet kids with emo), then it moved to fan fiction and then non-fan fiction. At that time I forgot about this place. Finally I came back here as I ended the Johnny's fandom. I never felt the need to sign up because for so long there wasn't a point. Finally it got to the point were everything became members only and I had to join.

As I said I'm into Johnny's. KAT-TUN and ARASHI favs though.

If you talk too me I'm going to say things as I see. I've done this whole boyband shit before. Believe me all this crap was worse back in the Backstreet Boy/NSYNC days. You were not allowed to be a fan of both without having to deal with endless hell. Anyway, I'll remind you that there is a business and that everyone has their moment to suck. I'll put you straight when you need it and I will bust your bubble if you start to become highly retarded. And I'll just put this here, because I can. I DO NOT HATE JOHNNY'S. Not Jin. Not Kame. Not MatsuJun. If you can't understand where I'm coming from when I talk about them, you need to either 1) GROW THE FUCK UP or 2)Simply talk with me more.

I don't normally lock my post, so be ready for them. I do try to give warning of what will be in the post. Any post I do lock, are most likely really private and well, if you can see them, I also most likely IM you and or PM you. Also my lock post show love to my closer friends.

Other things: I love wrestling. Been a fan all my life. Always up for talking wrestling. I love all types of music, food, sex, sleeping, food, and my hubby.

Born and Raised in Alaska. Lived in Beaumont, TX for a while. Only Child. Married.


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